Rick Forsgren is a pleasure to work with.  He is professional, his work is excellent, and he always gets my projects to me on time.  I have used 4zgrinDzign for a variety of marketing and printing needs - banners, rack cards, print ads, business cards, window perfs, pamphlets, etc.  I am a travel agent, so having eye-catching, professionally produced collateral is extremely important.  I also appreciate that Rick collaborates, provides suggestions, and is patient with the many revisions I sometimes have.  I've been working with Rick for over 10 years and I highly recommend 4zgrinDzign for all your graphic design needs.



Jeannie Fisher - "For going on 30 years, Rick has been my treasured friend and is hands-down one of the "goodest" people i've ever known.  He's done three corporate logos for my various projects, and I'm thrilled with them all.  He combines integrity above reproach with seasoned artistic talent and his final product never disappoints." 



I have known and worked with Rick for over 20 years. When asked about Norwood's print advertising I always mention that it would not be as well done if it were not for Rick Forsgren. He brings a lifetime of experience to designing these ads that have to effectively communicate a message. He is a self starter and provides us with many creative ideas to get Norwood's message out. He has never missed a deadline and works whenever necessary to complete a job. 

Rick is also a good listener. He will try very hard to achieve the look a client has envisioned. Working with Rick all these years has been a pleasure and asset for our success. I would highly recommend anyone needing any graphic work to try out the service and expertise Rick has to offer. You'll be glad you did!


There is a lot to say about Rick Forsgren and his graphic design work. My name is Linda Jewell and when I lived in Phoenix, Arizona, I owned 3 separate retail Locations in Mesa, Surprise, and Phoenix. I desperately needed Marketing help! Rick was my go to guy for about 15yrs. I did not place an ad or do a marketing piece without him involved. From start to finish whatever theme or event I was putting on Rick was my savior and creator for each and every piece. Rick always had great ideas to enhance my project and I never thought twice about putting the whole mess right in his lap. That is how confident and great he is! He was always on time with proofs and completed work. The nicest person to boot! Always concerned and helpful! If times were tough he was always a positive force that would lend an ear to listen.  Rick is so professional in what he does! Truthfully, I have never met anyone like him before in his line of work. 

Rick and his expertise would enhance anyone's business 100%. 


LINDA JEWELL -  Formerly owner of Ma's Swimwear, Kay's Fashions, Coconut Grove Boutique.